Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Yellow Cat -- A Story for Children

Once upon a time there was a yellow cat.

One day, it was up on a tree in Nina's garden.

It wasnt really sure how it had got there, but it was there now.

Nina was walking in the garden with her mother.
The yellow cat saw Nina from where she was sitting up in her tree. She wanted to wave out to Nina. 'I like the little girl,' she thought. 'I want to be friends with her.'

So the yellow cat waved her paw at Nina. Nina and her mother were looking at flowers in the garden. There were many big, beautiful, red, pink, orange and yellow flowers in the garden. Amma and Nina didn't look up into the tree and so they didn't see the little yellow cat waving.
Then Amma went inside and Nina was in the garden all by herself. The cat called out, 'Hey!' Nina looked up. 'Hi!' said Nina. 'Hi!' said the cat. 'What's your name?' asked Nina. The yellow cat thought. 'I dont have a name.' she said.

'You dont have a name?'asked Nina. 'Every body has a name. I have two. One is Nina. The other is Malini. My Amma has two names. One is Amma and one is Jyoti. My Appa, he has many names. His names are Appa, Pradeep, Paddy and PK.' 'How many names is that?' asked the yellow cat.

Nina counted on her fingers. 'Four' she said. 'Can you give me a name, Nina?' asked the yellow cat. 'Come down from up there.' The cat looked down. 'I cant. I'm scared.' she said.
'Are you a fraidy cat?' asked Nina. 'No, I dont know what kind of cat I am. But I cant get down from here.' 'Wait', said Nina. She went into the house. She went to the shelf where her books were kept. 'I know where I saw a yellow cat just like that one', she thought. She pulled out the big book of animals. There were all the animals you could think of, big and small.

Nina turned the pages, and there! There was a yellow cat, exactly like the one on the tree outside. It was yellow, and it had brown stripes. And what do you think it was? It was a tiger.
So now I know that Nina went out into the garden and called out, 'Tiga, Tiga!' The little yellow cat jumped up and down happily ! 'I remember now! I'm Tiga! And Tiga is NOT a fraidy cat!' Saying that, she jumped down from the tree! And you can see Nina playing with Tiga, out in the garden, every day!


PentaTwo said...

Meow, meow. Tiga wants some milk...

Eleni said...

Cute story. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Horrible even for a kids story

Anonymous said...

that mean anonymous and it was a good story......!

Hollystar said...

This is a nice kids story! My 2 year old cousin is very fond of it! :)